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Southeast Ruby 2019

August 1-2 at Hotel Indigo in Nashville, TN

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Celebrating Ruby in the south(east).

Keynote Speakers

Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr is a developer of development automation at Atomist. Her mission is to find and share new ways to think about code, people, and symmathesies of code-and-people.

Avdi Grimm

Avdi Grimm

Avdi Grimm is a father, a Ruby Hero, the head chef at, and author of the books Confident Ruby and Exceptional Ruby.

Introducing Workshops!

Thursday, August 1, we kick off the conference with four different workshops for you to choose from. You'll have the choice between one of the two workshops in the morning and one of the two workshops in the afternoon.

Workshops are available as a conference ticket add-on for an additional $80.



Workshop Day

Morning Sessions

Ernesto Tagwerker

Upgrade Rails 101: The Roadmap to Smooth Upgrades

Upgrading Rails is easy, right? Not really. An upgrade in a big application is not a trivial project: It took GitHub a year and a half to upgrade from Rails 3.2 to 5.2. In this workshop you will learn a proven Rails upgrade process for major and minor version changes of Rails.

Jason Swett

Reliable, Repeatable Techniques for Cleaning Up Legacy Code

Legacy code can be difficult to work with. Often there's a "touch it as little as possible" mentality due to the fragility of the codebase. Luckily, however, there are some techniques that can be applied to legacy projects to improve the code with relatively little risk. Hint: it involves tests.

Afternoon Sessions

Noah Gibbs

Build Your Own Web Framework to Understand Rails Magic

Rails "magic" comes from metaprogramming. Each piece makes sense once you see how Ruby does it. To understand those tricks -- build them. We'll build a web framework using Rails' own dependencies. You'll learn deep Rails metaprogramming tricks. You'll also be able to build your own web framework.

Julian Fahrer & James Hart

Dockerizing Rails - A supercharged development process

Running applications is not trivial. Even a simple Rails application has many requirements that need to be set up and maintained. In this workshop, you will learn how to harvest the power of Docker to streamline your development process and make managing dependencies a breeze.


Conference Day


Brandon Weaver

Tales from the Ruby Grimoire

Ruby has serious black magic, and people are quick to dismiss it as \"not good code\", but there are lessons to be learned and fascinating concepts to discover for those brave enough to venture down that path.\n\nThe Ruby Grimoire is a collection of my most evil Ruby code, enter if you dare.

Cat Swetel

(TBA) Invited Speaker

Cat is an engineering manager with experience applying Agile and lean principles in a variety of settings: from startups to large enterprises, warehouses to web, etc. She is passionate about increasing diversity in STEAM as a means of creating possibilities for a more equitable human future based on generative institutions. In her leisure time, Cat enjoys hiking, making jokes about bitcoin, and reading feminist literature.

Sonia Gupta

Digital Ethics in an Unethical Era: How to Not Ruin The World

In a Twitter poll, I discovered that almost 70% of engineers have not had any formal training in ethics. This is obviously a gaping hole in engineering education. My talk will teach your audience the history of ethics, as well as why it's important to learn and apply it in our lives.

Richard Schneeman

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Active Record Allocations

Your app is slow. It does not spark joy. In this talk, we will use memory profiling tools to discover performance hotspots. We will use this technique with a real-world application to identify a piece of optimizable code in Active Record that leads to a patch with substantial page speed impact.

Fernando Seror Garcia

The Object Oriented Design Cookbook

Do you ever feel Object Oriented Design is often glorified, but there aren't specific guidelines about how to achieve it? I've struggled with that for years! This talk is a list of step-by-step recipes to systematically improve the design of your code. Come and start improving your code today!

Tung Nguyen

Jets: The Ruby Serverless Framework

Learn how to run Ruby applications without managing servers with the Jets Ruby Serverless Framework. A live demo is provided. We deploy it to AWS Lambda with a single command.

Dr. Alex Neuhausen

“Holy Front-End Frameworks Batman!” Using Rails and Vue.js to Clean Up a Complex Client-Side

I’m going to present an app architecture that takes the dynamic duo of Rails and Vue.js to its logical endpoint, pairing the agile, opinionated server-side framework that we all know and love with Vue’s fast rendering, encapsulation, and easy integration into an existing server-rendered workflow.


We'll be in downtown Nashville at Hotel Indigo. Hotel Indigo is located alongside the historic Printer's Alley. Looking for more? Hotel Indigo is only blocks away from Broadway, home to several honky tonks.

Southeast Ruby attendees have access to a discounted room rate of $259 per night.



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